'They're Bonded Like Siblings': Rescued Wallaby and Wombat Share a Meal

Two sisterly marsupials — a wombat and a wallaby — shared a meal from the same bowl in Kalkite, New South Wales, after being rescued by a wildlife carer.

Gordon McCoullough told Storyful he rescued the wombat, Molly, and the redneck wallaby, Juliet, from a vehicle accident about eight months ago.

The pair had been “raised together and bonded like siblings”, he added. In this video, filmed on February 17, Molly rubs Juliet’s ear while the wallaby is munching on her food.

Their meal consisted of a mix of rolled oats, carrots, sweet potato and other supplements, according to McCoullough. He said he would release the two Australian native animals back into the wild this year when they had reached maturity. Credit: Gordon McCoullough via Storyful