This £149 Million Euromillions Winner Just Bought Something Very, Very Odd

What would you buy if you won £148 million on the lottery? A superyacht? Expensive cars?

The world’s largest collection of Lady Gaga memorabilia?

If you chose the last one, the Lady Gaga collection, you’re in good company - that’s what Adrian Bayford, who won £148 million on Euromillions, has treated himself to.

Bayford is believed to have spent more than £10,000 on shoes, costumes and vinyl discs related to the pop star.

A source told The Sun that the lottery winner hoped to open a shop with ‘the biggest collection of Lady Gaga memorabilia in the world’.

Bayford previously co-owned a second-hand record shop - and has said he was ‘bored’ with not working.

The source said, ‘'He loves music. It’s his total passion. Traditionally he was more into rock. But he loves a bit of pop and disco and has been hooked on Gaga since she broke.

‘He wants the shop to be the biggest Lady Gaga memorabilia collection in the world

'But I’m not sure he’d admit his love of Gaga to his friends because they’ll mock him.’