This adorable puppy was born with a perfect selfie on her EAR

Andy Wells
·Freelance Writer

The quest to take the perfect selfie is a daily struggle – but this adorable dog has it sussed.

Rather than spend ages pulling poses and taking multiple pictures on her smartphone, puppy Lucy has one attached to her ear for people to see at all times.

However, this is no tattoo – Lucy was actually born with the remarkable likeness of herself and it was pointed out to staff at New York’s Lollypop Farm, where she was born to a stray dog last year.

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Shelter spokesperson Paige Doerner told The Dodo: “Looking at her every day, no one here even noticed Lucy’s special ear until it was pointed out to us by a very observant visitor to our website!

“We couldn’t believe it when we looked closer at the picture.”

The ear selfie has done Lucy some good, too – just two hours after the shelter posted about it online, someone came down to adopt the puppy.

Lucy's selfie on her ear led to her being adopted (Lollypop Farm)
Lucy’s selfie on her ear led to her being adopted (Lollypop Farm)

Paige added: “The attention that was brought in by her special ear over social media is wonderful.”

Who WOULDN’T want an ear selfie dog?!

Top pic: Lollypop Farm