This dog’s fur was so heavily matted that rescuers thought it was a SHEEP

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

An abused dog’s fur had become so heavily matted that rescuers initially thought it was a sheep.

The poor animal was one of 49 malnourished dogs taken from a house in Vlotho, Germany, and placed into care, along with five guinea pigs and two rabbits.

Its hair had to be totally shaven off after it had become so matted with urine and faeces that it could barely see.

Abuse: The dog’s fur had become heavily matted (CEN)

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Images of the poor pets have since been released by the rescuers who say it is one of the most shocking cases they have seen.

According to the workers of the local animal shelter, the animals were in “a catastrophic condition” with all of them needing food, water, a bath and shearing.

Rescue officers say the guinea pigs had been biting each other and had tooth marks all over their bodies, and the dogs also had multiple injuries.

Safety: The animal was one of 49 dogs rescued from a home in Germany (CEN)

One guinea pig had been left in such a horrific condition that its skin had almost totally torn off from the weight of the matted hair and it ripping.

The local shelter said that because it was “so overwhelmed” with the sheer number of animals, it had to ask the public for help.

Luckily many local animal lovers stepped in, including a number of dog hairdressers who offered a free service for the mistreated pets.

Unrecognisable: Rescuers shaved the dog to make it look like its old self (CEN)

The animal shelter hopes to be able to find the animals new homes soon, after their condition has improved.

It is not yet known who is responsible for the abuse the animals endured and an investigation is underway.

Top pic: CEN