This Is The World’s Most Dangerous Drug, Science Says

It might not be what you expect


Two scientific studies have analysed the harms caused by drugs - and found the same answer about which is the most harmful.

It’s alcohol.

The answer stands regardless of whether you rate drugs by the harms they cause to economies, or the various different harms they cause to the individual, according to IFLScience.

Two different studies - one published in the Lancet, one by European scientists BOTH rated alcohol as the worst, on two different scales.

Professor David Nutt explained his methodology in the 2010 Lancet study, ‘Ranking twenty different drugs on sixteen different harms – that’s the best method we’ve had.

‘There are two elements to it. Deciding on the various harms – the 16 parameters – most experts agree on that.

‘The more interesting question is how much you care about each of these different rankings; this is where the weightings come in. This could vary greatly depending on the group’s opinions.’