This Morning's psychic banana predicts England will win the Euros

This Morning psychic banana
This Morning's psychic banana has made its prediction. (ITV/screengrab)

This Morning's psychic banana has predicted another win for the England team, this time in the Euros final on Sunday.

Fans of the show will know that throughout the Euros, presenter Holly Willoughby has correctly predicted every England win with the use of a 'psychic banana' that can answer yes or no questions.

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And in what is surely the strongest sign yet that England will be victorious over Italy in the Euros final this weekend, the banana has given a definite 'yes' for England glory.

Willoughby, 40, has been predicting results by cutting off the end of a banana and reading the pattern of the seeds inside.

This Morning psychic banana
Phil and Holly couldn't believe the banana said yes. (ITV/screengrab)

On Friday morning's show, she said: "Are you ready everybody because we know that so far in this competition the banana has been 100 percent right, so I'm feeling the pressure today, massively.

"Remember for those of you that have not seen the banana before - where have you been? - if it's a dot it's a no, if it's a y it means yes.

"Ask it a yes or no question, the question is: will England win the Euros, yes or no?"

Ramping up the tension, co-host Phillip Schofield said: "The psychic banana is about to speak."

A nervous Willoughby said: "Oh my gosh, I've actually got the shakes!"

This Morning psychic banana
The psychic banana has never been wrong. (ITV/screengrab)

But there was no need to worry as the psychic banana had the answer the co-hosts were looking for, showing its Y pattern of seeds as Willoughby and Schofield cheered and guest Matthew Wright shouted out "2 - 1" to predict the final score.

Delighted Willoughby said: "It's the biggest yes I've ever had in all my history and I've been doing this since I was at school, look how strong that is, I've never seen such a big yes!

"I'm so happy."

This Morning psychic banana
Holly Willoughby said it was the clearest reading she'd ever had. (ITV/screengrab)

So far, the psychic banana has correctly predicted that England would make it into both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals of the Euros.

It previously correctly predicted that Prince Louis would be a boy when asked about him in the run up to his birth.

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