This woman spent the last 50 years celebrating her birthday on the WRONG day

Andy Wells
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Sandra Blackman
Sandra Blackman

A woman has been left baffled after discovering she’s been celebrating her birthday on the wrong day for the past 50 years.

Mum-of-six Sandra Blackman, 53, always thought her special day was November 10 until seeing her birth certificate earlier this year which recorded it as November 11.

However, she has been left even more confused as an old letter from her secondary school states that she was born on November 12.

Sandra, who plans to celebrate this year like all the previous with a bash on the 10th, said: “I’m more confused than ever before but I am still going to have a good time and a great party.

“The Queen has two birthdays so why can’t I have three birthdays?

“I think it is something that runs in the family. My mum celebrated her birthday on the wrong day for 16 years.

Wrong day: Sanda Blackman's birth certificate may not be accurate (SWNS)
Wrong day: Sanda Blackman’s birth certificate may not be accurate (SWNS)

“My nan had a lot of kids and just got confused with the date. It turned out that her real birthday was almost a week later.”

Jobless Sandra, whose six kids were born to five different dads, had never seen her birth certificate before because she has never held a passport or driving licence.

But when she went to get a copy earlier this year she noticed she had been celebrating her birthday wrong all her life.

The newly-discovered letter from Pen Park School for Girls in Bristol was sent to her mum and clearly states her birthday as November 12th.

It means the details on all of Sandra’s bank accounts could be wrong – as well as her kids’ birth certificates as they have the incorrect date of birth for her on them.

Confused: Sanda now says she will celebrate three birthdays (SWNS)
Confused: Sanda now says she will celebrate three birthdays (SWNS)

Sandra, who once claimed £22,000 a year in benefits, is not able to ask her mum Doris Saunders how the mistake happened because she passed away last November.

She added: ”Everything I have, all my bank accounts and my children’s birth certificates, all say the wrong birthday on them,” she said, speaking in February.

“And now it all needs changing and I don’t know how much it will cost to get it all sorted.

“But I am worried that I am going to be accused of fraud if I don’t sort it out.”

In 2006 it was claimed Sandra, whose six children were fathered by five different dads, was branded a “walking social disaster” by a doctor because of her promiscuity.

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