This year's ‘I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ has been a big win for decent human beings

It’s not often I finish watching a reality television programme consisting of a bunch of low-key celebrities and find myself having a warm fuzzy feeling. But that’s exactly what happened when this year’s Ozzie based celebrity torture show ended when it crowned ‘Gogglebox’ star and all-round ordinary lass Scarlett Moffat as Queen of the Jungle.

Moffat herself is a reality television star, that alone should be enough to make me balk at the thought of her getting even more famous, especially as I still don’t understand why ‘Gogglebox’ exists and why it, and by extension her, are so popular. However her quick-witted comments on ‘Gogglebox’ and all-round decent-ness as displayed in her few weeks in the jungle have endeared me towards her, and evidently the general public.

But she wasn’t alone, every single celebrity on this year’s show from the delightful Larry Lamb to the ravishing Carol Vorderman, not forgetting the two thoroughly deserving runners up Joel Dommett and Adam Thomas have proven that it’s possible to be famous and also a decent human being and that the two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

In fact the camp-mates have been positively excellent role models for cohesion, team-work, supporting one another and pushing yourself and facing your fears, all things I definitely have more time for on my television. In fact all the things you would usually associate with reality television show participants like bitchiness, back-stabbing, arguments, tantrums and cliques were refreshingly absent. Leading to the proof that it’s possible to have an entertaining mainstream show that doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator by throwing out unnecessary shocks and drama.

I can’t stress this enough, this is a show where a whole bunch of very different celebrities, in terms of age, levels of fame and general personalities are forced together and put through horrific situations and adverse conditions and not one of them came out looking worse than when they went in. That in itself is a minor miracle, but when you consider that the show itself even went out of its way to avoid creating animosity between camp-mates both in terms of the situations that were put in, and the editing and staging of the show as viewers saw it, it’s a full blown water into wine event.

This is such a welcome change of pace from the constant belligerent insulting of intelligence that shows like the X-Factor keep expecting people to swallow up. If the X-Factor shared the same mentality and focussed on positives like talent, giving people opportunity and people trying to help and better each other it wouldn’t be anywhere near as openly derided and mocked as it currently finds itself.

So, and I’m almost loathe to say it, but as far as reality television shows go, this one, this year, was pretty darn good. I’m A Celebrity can come back next year.

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