Thousands to flock to quiet village near Coventry for witches festival this weekend

Last year's witches and pagans festival in Fillongley
Last year's witches and pagans festival in Fillongley -Credit:Stage Dive Photography

Thousnads are set to flock to a Festival of Witches and Pagans on the outskirts of Coventry this weekend. Organisers say the family-friendly event aimed at removing the taboo around witches and pagans.

It is taking place today (May 11) and tomorrow (May 12) at the Heart of England Conference Centre in Fillongley near Coventry. Julie Aspinall, from the Coventry-based Coven of Gaia, who first launched the festival, said: "The two-day festival has always included a mixture of daytime events and workshops and night-time rituals.

“Our forthcoming event will include the addition of a traditional and respectful Rite of Necromancy led by the Coven of the moon and tide. This is a carefully-controlled ritual strictly for over-18s, but like so much of what we do is respectful, positive and aimed at helping people.

“Our ongoing hope is that the festival caters to the growing interest in witchcraft and paganism, and normalises some of what we do, countering much of the negativity and incorrect speculation that forced so many of us to stay hidden for so long."

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This year’s event includes a range of rituals and workshops as well as events including a Viking Feast, a Witches’ Ball and children’s activities. A peace ritual live-streamed so people in war-torn areas including Gaza and Ukraine can see support for them from afar, as well as a ritual for Mother Earth to save and protect the planet from harm.

Donations of £2,000 are also set to be handed out to charities chosen by the community gathered at the event, with a vote taking place for where to distribute the money during the festival itself.

Organisers are also planning to take the festival from biannual to one single three-day event, starting in May 2025.

Our festival has grown more popular than we could ever have hoped, not just with experienced witches and pagans, but with people keen to learn more about what we do, what we’re interested in, and how we live our lives," Julie Aspinall added.

“We understand that people might find the idea of a Rite of Necromancy a bit intimidating or different, but hopefully they will also see that family-friendly workshops, and wellness-focused events also form a huge part of our lifestyle.

"This year’s Peace Ritual also proves that our community is no different from many others around the world, sharing concerns for those affected by war and wanting to show our support.”

Although not a registered charity, the Festival for Pagans and Witches is a not for profit organisation, with any money made put back into the running of the next festival and to go towards plans to create a safe space for members of the pagan community.

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