Three killed in shootings at Brazilian schools

STORY: According to the state governor, the suspect in the shooting is a minor, a former student of one of the schools, and the son of a policeman.

The attacks occurred at Primo Bitti State Elementary and Secondary School and a public school shortly after 9 a.m., authorities said.

The suspect was a teenager armed with a pistol and a revolver. He wore military clothing and also carried the swastika symbol, which may denote links to neo-Nazi or neo-fascist groups in Brazil or abroad.

At the first school Primo Bitti, the boy allegedly broke the lock on a gate, entered a few metres from the staff room, which was full during break time.

According to the governor of Espirito Santo, he shot ten teachers on the spot, two of whom died on the spot, and three others are hospitalised with more serious injuries.

Following that, the suspect went to a public school about a kilometre away and shot three more children aged 10 to 12, killing one of them.