Thugs 'kick Pomeranian puppy to death in east London park'

Magda Ibrahim
The woman claims her pomeranian puppy was kicked to death by thugs (file image)

A dog owner claims her pet was kicked to death by a teenager in a “disgusting” attack at an east London park.

Pomeranian puppy Scout was set upon by thugs while being walked in Raphael Park in Romford, owner Samantha Winfield said.

She has launched a Facebook campaign to track down the culprit and police are investigating the incident, which happened at about 3pm on Sunday.

“My partner walked my two Pomeranian puppies in Raphael Park when a group of teenagers attacked him and the dogs,” Ms Winfield wrote on Facebook.

“One youth kicked one of my puppies. She is now DEAD. They killed an innocent, beautiful and fun loving little girl for kicks. I now have one puppy who has lost his best friend.”

The other puppy, and Ms Winfield’s boyfriend, were unharmed.

The 29-year-old owner said the attacker was believed to be aged between 17 and 19, with black hair and wearing black jeans and a black or dark blue sleeveless puffer jacket.

“The incident happened and was over very quickly, and may not have been noticed by bystanders,” said Ms Winfield.

“My partner was shouting at the group of teens after it happened, and he scooped up the puppies and ran home with them.”

She added: “My dog did not deserve to die, this was a disgusting, unacceptable incident and had been reported to the police but we need help finding this person in particular.”

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell said: “I hope this wicked individual is caught quickly and locked up for a very long time.

“People are understandably disgusted and hope to see justice carried out.”

A spokesman for the Met said police were called by a vet in Romford who reported that a dead puppy had been brought into their practice.

“Officers from the Met’s Widlife Crime Unit continue to investigate the circumstances into the death of the puppy and enquiries remain ongoing. There have been no arrests,” he added.