TikTok prankster boasts ‘I'm infamous’ as he continues to upload videos after fine

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A teenager who entered a family’s home without permission for a TikTok prank has boasted he is “infamous” as he released videos that could be in breach of a court order imposed just one day earlier.

Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, 18, also known as Mizzy, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to breaching a community protection notice at Thames magistrates’ court after he walked into a stranger’s property on May 15.

The teenager was ordered to pay £365 which included an £80 victim surcharge and costs of £85. He was also handed a two-year criminal behaviour order.

Later on Wednesday he appeared on Talk TV with Piers Morgan where he branded UK laws “weak” because he only received a “tiny fine”.

At the court hearing Judge Charlotte Crangle ordered that O’Garro must not directly or indirectly post videos to social media without the documented consent of the people featured in the content, that he must not trespass into private property, and that he must not attend the Westfield Centre in Stratford.

However, on Thursday morning, just hours after his interview on Talk TV, O’Garro posted several videos including one in which he rides an e-bike through a busy Sainsbury’s supermarket.

O'Garro was fined at Thames Magistrates Court - Lucy North/PA
O'Garro was fined at Thames Magistrates Court - Lucy North/PA

He enters the warehouse at the back of the store before security guards ask him to leave. As he exits the shop he narrowly avoids a woman with a pram.

In another clip posted on Thursday he is seen clinging to the top of a single-decker bus.

In a separate video explaining his actions, O’Garro appears to claim that the latest videos are all old and were filmed months before. He added: “I’m basically infamous.”

However, the terms of his court order suggest that any uploading of the clips without the consent of the people in the video would be a breach, regardless of when they were filmed.

Bacari-Bronze O'Garro in a TikTok video
Bacari-Bronze O'Garro in a TikTok video

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “We are aware of the videos and enquiries are ongoing.”

Just minutes after leaving court, O'Garro created a new TikTok account and posted a video saying: “Hello world I’m back and I’m taking over this, yeah... The feds thought they can have me, but where am I? We outside every time.”

O’Garro later said he would continue to upload content to the streaming service Twitch after he was banned from using TikTok.

‘Playing the race card’

Discussing the prank where he walked into a woman’s house, he said it was a “spur of the moment idea” and he had been “coerced” into doing it.

He later apologised to the woman.

During the interview, O'Garro and Morgan traded insults with one another as the teenager was accused of "playing the race card".

When O'Garro was asked about his background, he responded: “Are you trying to get onto me because I’m black?”

Mr Morgan replied: “I don’t give a damn about your skin colour. I just think you’re an idiot.”

Speaking earlier this week, Detective Chief Superintendent James Conway of the central east command unit said: “I do not underestimate the widespread upset, distress and concern that these videos caused.

“Some people have referred to these as ‘prank’ videos, but I hope that this significant development demonstrates just how seriously we have been taking this investigation since this footage began circulating online.”