TikTok Can’t Stop Reacting To Immaculate’s Wild Ending, And Even Sydney Sweeney Can’t Stop Watching These A+ Responses

 Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate.
Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate.

When it comes to cinematic conversation starters, a shocking ending is hard to beat. TikTok users have only proven that, as people continue to share their reactions to Immaculate’s wild ending. The 2024 movie hasn’t been out for long, but it continues to have everybody talking, and even star/producer Sydney Sweeney herself can’t stop watching this new trend seem to take off on the digital frontier.

If you go to Sydney’s Instagram, at this very moment there are several TikToks being shown off in her Stories. While those posts are temporary, screenshots are not! So just to prove that point, here’s one of the several reels Ms. Sweeney has posted on her social media:

Sydney Sweeney's IG story showing an Immaculate reaction video.
Sydney Sweeney's IG story showing an Immaculate reaction video.

Thankfully, anyone who’s proficient with TikTok can find the clips of Immaculate ending reactions pretty easily. Or, if you’ve got a friend on the internet who likes to help you find comedic gold such as this, a trusty roundup of these joys could be your ticket to excitement. So buckle up and take a look at this first reaction real from @_oliviachapman, because if I’m not your friend, then who is?

So those at home looking to join in on this trend need only two things. You need a version of “Ave Maria” to play in your video, and you need to have seen director Michael Mohan’s Immaculate ending. With that formula in mind, you too could be a part of this comedy convent.

I have to warn you though, if you’re easily grossed out by things like gross props made of “doll parts and meat,” you’ll probably be frightened well before the final act wraps things up. Quick, watch @iamjasonherrera's ending reaction to distract you from that disturbing image!

The blank faces of shock, intense thought, and random dread truly say it all. Though this next video from @niki902s has an even wider range of similarly displayed emotions. Behold, the next group of converts exposed to the chilling power of Immaculate!

I saved the best for last, my Immaculate friends, and this reaction happens to be the one from the screenshot you saw above. The reason I put this TikTok at the back of the pack is because it’s the one that ties into the events of the film the best. If you’ve seen this holy terror, you’ll laugh even more at the sights you’re about to see:

At this point, you’re either laughing because you’ve seen Immaculate, or you’re amped up to go see the picture for yourself, if only to witness where those claims of Immaculate's blasphemy stemmed from. Well, if you’re in the former camp, you can head to a theater near you and be blessed by the horror that is this religious thriller. Afterwards, you can read more about how director Michael Mohan shot that wild ending as part of the coverage from our own ReelBlend podcast.