Man who claims he's time-travelling from year 6491 and is stuck in 2018 passes lie detector test

James Oliver, right, says he is from the year 6491 (Picture: ApexTV)

A man who claims to be a time travelling alien from the year 6491 has passed a lie detector test.

James Oliver says he is stuck in 2018 because his time machine has broken down.

Although he has a Birmingham accent with an American twang, Mr Oliver says he is from outer space and from the future.

But those who doubt his story may need to reconsider his outlandish claims – because he has just passed a series of questions in a lie detector test.

He was questioned by paranormal YouTube site ApexTV in a bizarre interview.

In a video clip, Mr Oliver’s face is blurred and his voice distorted to protect his identity.

He tells an interviewer from ApexTV, whose face is also blocked out: ‘Your years are different to mine.

“Where I’m from, the years are longer. My planet is further away from the sun than yours is, so it takes longer to get around.


“But we have gifted mathematicians who work to calculate our years from those from other civilisations.”

He also spoke about the discoveries of new planets and species.

“We are constantly finding new planets and galaxies every day,” said Mr Oliver. “Most of it is just nothing.

“Sometimes you hit the jackpot and find intelligent life on it. You find new planets, new ecosystems.

“There are a lot of planets more intelligent than humans.”

He also claimed there have been battles between species in the future.

“There have been some conflicts, but most of it has been put under control by the federation very quickly. The federation is there as a peace keeping vessel.”

The man who claims to be a time traveller, right, was interviewed by a YouTube channel (Picture: ApexTV)

Mr Oliver claimed global warming will cause Earth to get hotter and that he is friends with lifeforms on other planets.

“The definition of alien is something out of this world, so technically, I am meeting one right now,” he told the interviewer.

“I have, on occasion. But the only time I meet them is when I am at home. It’s the same sort of thing. They travel to where I live and I do know them.

“I have personal relationships with a few of them, I have friends I’d consider aliens. They are a nice lot, they are. Don’t be quick to judge.

“I have some who are quite good friends. My closest friend is from another galaxy.”

However, he refused to be drawn on the identity of the next US president, saying there is a “restriction as to what I can tell you” about the future.