Timelapse Video Shows Changing Face Of Planet

New timelapse video from space has been released showing how much places like Dubai, Shanghai and the Brazilian rainforest have changed over the last 30 years.

Satellites have captured how Dubai has risen from the sand, with its skyscrapers, vast hotel complexes, and shopping centres, and even extended into the sea with the world-famous Palm resort.

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The 'Sin City' of Las Vegas has also expanded, as a bigger population moves further out into the desert, shrinking the nearby Lake Mead.

The rainforest in Brazil's Rondonia is pictured shrinking as trees are cut down by loggers and in China's Shanghai there are skyscrapers where there were once farming villages.

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The video has been created from million of images taken by eight satellites dating all the way back to 1984.

It has been put together by Nasa and the US Geological Survey with help from Google.