A Timeline Of Taylor Swift And Matty Healy’s Whirlwind Rumoured Romance

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy
Taylor Swift and Matty Healy

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy

Taylor Swift’s rumoured whirlwind romance with Matty Healy reportedly came to an end this week, after around a month of dating.

The Anti-Hero singer was first linked to Matty, the controversial frontman of The 1975, at the beginning of April, following her split from her long-term boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn.

Almost immediately, the rumours sent the internet into a frenzy, and left Swifties feeling rather divided due to a number of public controversies in Matty’s recent past.

And while the two never actually did confirm whether or not they were an item, here’s our full timeline of their short-lived, headline-grabbing romance…

8 April: Taylor breaks up with Joe Alwyn after six years

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn at the Golden Globes in 2020
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn at the Golden Globes in 2020

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn at the Golden Globes in 2020

Multiple organisations reported that Taylor and Conversations With Friends actor Joe had parted ways at the beginning of April.

It was said at the time that the break-up was amicable, with a “source” telling Entertainment Tonight that the split was “not dramatic” and that the relationship had simply “run its course” after around six years together.

3 May: The first reports emerge claiming that Taylor and Matty are dating

Taylor was first romantically linked to Matty at the beginning of May, catapulting social media into a tailspin, and sparking a divide among fans of the Grammy-winning star due to some of the frontman’s past comments and behaviour.

News of the reported relationship came around four months after Taylor surprised The 1975 fans by appearing at one of their London shows as a guest performer.

At the time, she also posed for a backstage selfie with Matty’s mum, Loose Women presenter Denise Welch.

In fact, Matty and Taylor had apparently been friends for a number of years before their rumoured romance hit the press, with the Sincerity Is Scary singer claiming in 2014 that he’d have found it “emasculating” to go out with someone as famous as the Shake It Off star.

6 May: Matty is spotted supporting Taylor at one of her concerts – and later gets up on stage

Matty on stage during Phoebe Bridgers' Eras tour set
Matty on stage during Phoebe Bridgers' Eras tour set

Matty on stage during Phoebe Bridgers' Eras tour set

Just days after rumours of a romance between the pair started to swirl, Matty was seen at one of Taylor’s Eras tour shows.

During the gig, one fan spotted the British singer standing in the VIP section and quickly snapped a photo.

At the same gig, Matty also got on stage to play guitar with Taylor’s support act Phoebe Bridgers.

7 May: Taylor and Matty are pictured together for the first time since the romance reports surface

The rumoured couple were papped together just after midnight on 7 May, marking the first time that they had been seen with one another since the first reports about their relationship.

After another of Taylor’s Nashville shows, the two were seen (in, it has to be said, some very blurry photos) sitting in the back of a chauffeured car, seemingly on the way to Taylor’s condo.

12 May: Taylor and Matty are snapped holding hands on an apparent double date

By mid-May, it looked like Taylor and Matty were growing even closer, after they were seen embarking on a supposed double date with Jack Antoff and his fiancée Margaret Qualley in New York.

In another photo taken by a fan, the two were seen holding hands while walking through a rooftop restaurant, generating yet more conversation online.

13 May: Matty attends another one of Taylor’s concerts – and hangs out with her father and close pal Blake Lively

Matty showed his support at another of Taylor’s Eras shows in Philadelphia, this time along with her dad Scott Swift.

He and Scott were captured on video swaying from side to side in a VIP box while the Love Story singer performed.

Reports also claimed that Matty had chilled with Taylor’s best friend, Blake Lively, during the show.

20 May: Taylor tells fans she’s the happiest she’s ever been

Taylor exuded pure joy during her Massachusetts gig on 20 May, and delighted in telling the audience that she was in a good place.

While on stage in Foxborough, she enthused: “I’ve just never been this happy in my life in all aspects of my life ever.

“And I just want to thank you for being a part of that.”

She added: “It’s not just a tour, I just sort of feel like my life finally feels like it makes sense.”

24 May: Taylor announces collaboration with Ice Spice… after Matty was embroiled in a controversy relating to the rapper

In an unexpected move, Taylor revealed that rapper Ice Spice would be featured on a new version of Karma, the latest single from her recent album Midnights.

The announcement came around four months after Matty was heard laughing at offensive comments about the Princess Diana musician during a podcast.

After being called out in January, the rocker made an attempt at an apology during his band’s Auckland show in April.

“I just feel a bit bad, and I’m kind of a bit sorry if I’ve offended you,” he said at the time.

“Ice Spice, I’m sorry. It’s not because I’m annoyed that me joking got misconstrued. It’s because I don’t want Ice Spice to think I’m a dick.”

Ice Spice never actually responded to Matty, but when her Karma verse was announced, she tweeted about the collaboration, calling Taylor the “sweetest person ever”.

3 June: Matty makes headlines when he kisses a security guard during a 1975 concert

Matty was caught on camera kissing a male security guard while The 1975 performed in Denmark in early June.

Already renowned for his chaotic antics during the band’s shows, the frontman was captured leaning in for a quick smooch with the man while performing the track Robbers.

The security guard didn’t seem to be fazed by the impromptu lip-lock, and was seen smiling from ear to ear before Matty leaned in for a second kiss and thanked him.

5 June: Taylor is apparently single again, as Matty thanks fans for their support following the rumoured split

By 5 June, the whirlwind romance was apparently officially over before either party ever commented on it publicly. 

Shedding light on the reason behind their sudden break-up, a “source” told ET that both Taylor and Matty are “extremely busy”, and apparently had a realisation they’re “ not really compatible with each other”.

During The 1975’s concert in Vienna the night the break-up was reported in the media, Matty thanked his fans for their support.

“My friend had some very, very beautiful signs that said: ‘You are loved,’” the singer said while gesturing to an audience member. “That was very, very kind of you.”

“I’m sure that’s alluding to ... ,” he continued, before appearing to stop himself before mentioning anyone specific by name.

“As you’re aware, I’m not very online at the moment, and I’m sure people have just been calling me a cunt relentlessly.”

So, what’s next? Watch this space…