Timmy Mallett invites Richard Madeley for a bike ride in awkward on-air exchange

The breakfast TV host told the former children's entertainer he rides his bicycle "all the time".

Watch: Timmy Mallett appeared on GMB to talk about cycling

Richard Madeley has been invited by former children's TV entertainer Timmy Mallett to go for a bike ride together.

The 80s kids TV star and cycling enthusiast appeared on Good Morning Britain as part of a debate as to whether bicycles should have numberplates to enable them to be policed in the same way as cars.

Mallett, 67, was arguing against the idea of policing cycling and told Madeley: "Let me put it to you like this Richard, your bicycle at home which has probably not been ridden for a little while..."

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Madeley, 67, interrupted: "No, I ride it all the time."

Timmy Mallett appeared on Good Morning Britain to talk cycling on 12 June 2023. (ITV/Shutterstock)
Timmy Mallett appeared on Good Morning Britain to talk cycling on 12 June 2023. (ITV/Shutterstock)

Mallett smiled and asked: "You do? Splendid. How often do you ride?"

Madeley told him: "About every three days."

Mallett replied: "Good man. I like you. You and I are going for a bike ride later."

The artist and TV presenter argued that introducing a bicycle licence would put people off cycling, saying: "We want to want to encourage people to be on their bicycles... families enjoying the fresh air, fun, health and good exercise."

TVAM's Timmy Mallett and Margaret Thatcher.   (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)
Margaret Thatcher meeting TVAM's Timmy Mallett in the 1980s. (PA Images via Getty Images)

Mallett rose to fame presenting children's breakfast show the Wide Awake Club on ITV's TV-am from 1983, which later became Wacaday. The TV show featured the game Mallett's Mallett, in which the presenter would hit contestants on the head with a giant soft toy mallett when they got answers wrong.

In 1990 he tried to explain Russian politics to children in a special episode of Wacaday titled Tales from Russia: Gremlins in the Kremlin.

He took part in the eighth series of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! in 2008.

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Since developing a passion for cycling, Mallet has reinvented himself as The Cycling Artist, travelling the UK on his electric bike and sharing pictures of the places he visits on Instagram.

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