Tina Fey Confirms Mean Girls Broadway Musical Is Coming


In what’s possibly the most “fetch” news we’ve heard all day, Tina Fey has confirmed that she’s currently working on a Broadway musical adaptation of ‘Mean Girls’.

She’s not going it alone though because Fey, who wrote as well as well as co-starred in the 2004 hit comedy, confirmed during her appearance on Watch What Happens, via The Hollywood Reporter, that she’s writing the musical alongside her husband Jeff Richmond, who also just happens to be a composer. Lyricist Nell Benjamin has also joined the pair on the musical, too.

However, don’t expect it to arrive anytime soon, though. Because Tina Fey insisted that the trio are still hard at work on the adaptation, while admitting that they’re having a few issues trying to work out how to end the first act and what will be the huge “11 o’clock number,” which she teased could “be the girl fight.”

Tina Fey, who is currently doing the rounds promoting ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’, did provide further bits of information regarding what we will see in the musical.


Fey revealed that it will feature classic Broadway-style musical numbers, while its plot will also mirror that of the movie, before confirming that neither she or any of the original cast will be returning on stage.

But when can we actually expect to see ‘Mean Girls’ on Broadway? “2027, [or] whenever ‘Hamilton’ closes. We’ll wait it out,” Tina Fey teased.

Those of you wanting a fix of Tina Fey goodness can get just that next month when ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’ is released on 22 April.

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