Tipping Point for Soccer Aid: 'Who are these celebs', 'I'm more famous than this lot': Viewers confused by 'celebrity' special

Jeff Brazier, Lee Juggurnauth, Liz Cooke and Ben Shephard at Tipping Point
Tipping Point's 'celebrity' line-up. (ITV)

Afternoon gameshow favourite Tipping Point aired a "celebrity" special for Soccer Aid on Thursday - but the line-up did not score highly with viewers who didn't recognise the famous contestants.

ITV's quiz hosted by Ben Shephard was aiming to raise some money for the Unicef campaign, which airs its main event football match on Sunday evening, but scored something of an own goal thanks to an unrecognisable group of contestants.

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Playing for the charity donations were TV presenter Jeff Brazier, football freestyler Liv Cooke and A Place in the Sun host and property developer Lee Juggurnauth.

But while Brazier seemed familiar to at least some of the viewers, many couldn't work out who the other two players were - and whether they even counted as celebrities.

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Complaining about the apparently famous contestants taking part in Thursday afternoon's episode, one viewer tweeted: "Seriously, these are not 'celebrities'. I'm more famous than this lot."

Another person wrote: "Who are these 'celebs'?

Someone else added: "They are famous faces.......just in their own households!"

Another viewer asked: "Who the hell is this lot?"

One confused viewer asked: "I only know who Jeff Brazier is who are the other two"

Replying to her, someone else joked: "No one knows I think they were at the bus stop at the time of filming."

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Agreeing that the line-up was a little obscure, one viewer tweeted: "Good cause but don't like celebrity one's, and I know celebrity is pushing it."

Jeff Brazier attending the Mirror Animal Hero Awards 2019, in partnership with People's Postcode Lottery and Webbox, held at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London. (Photo by David Parry/PA Images via Getty Images)
Jeff Brazier was slightly more recognisable to viewers than his co-stars. (PA Images via Getty Images)

Tipping Point fans were equally confused by some of the answers the contestants gave to questions - including Juggurnauth being asked: "Located in the US, Freedom Barks and Fort Woof are parks designated for what kind of domesticated animals?" and answering "safari animals".

Later in the episode, Brazier, presented with multi-choice answers that included "Burmese mountain dog" claimed there was "no such thing" and that it was a sauce - seeming to have confused the breed with bearnaise sauce.

One viewer tweeted: "Those with kids, I highly recommend that you encourage them to stay in school for as long as possible! Kids with ambitions to be celebrities - need to watch this episode of #tippingpoint to discourage them..."

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