Tk Maxx shoppers 'run' to find £25 'summer bag of dreams'

The TK Maxx bag is perfect for summer
The TK Maxx bag is perfect for summer -Credit:Matthew Lofthouse SWNS

TK Maxx is offering a "summer bag of dreams" that has shoppers eager to purchase. The retailer, known for its unbeatable prices on clothing, footwear, bags, homeware and even designer items, has left customers impressed with this latest find.

The high street store, which boasts branches all over the UK, has been praised by shoppers for this particular item.

The bag was showcased on TikTok by Ellie (@fenloninteriors_) who posted a reel after a trip to her local TK Maxx store.

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The post was simply captioned: "@TKMaxx beaded summer bags I am OBSESSED", while text overlaying the clip read: "I've found the summer bag of dreams."

In the video, Ellie presents the Beaded Floral Cross Body Bag from TK Maxx, a pale green accessory adorned with beaded flowers in shades of blue and pink.

She said: "I went into TK Maxx and I'd seen all these beautiful beaded summer bags floating around and I thought 'oh my god they're gorgeous'. I didn't expect the TK Maxx in town to have them - they had so many designs by the way."

Ellie then displayed the bag, which she plans to use at a wedding this summer. She added: "How unreal is that? It's got a little chain, there's so much room inside it as well. I'm sorry, holiday bag? Like oh my god, isn't that sensational? It is absolutely gorgeous."

The bag is part of TK Maxx's Handcrafted in India collection and retails at £24.99. At the end of the video, Ellie said: "How unreal is that? It's such a vibe, I can't wait for summer now."

The social media post quickly went viral, amassing 81.8K views and over 3,000 likes. Commenters were quick to share their excitement, with one saying: "Omg I want onnnnnne."

Another eager shopper commented: "I RAN to TK Maxx and got the light blue one, never get anything good in the Liverpool shop" while a third chimed in: "Oh my goodness that is the prettiest bag ever! " Another added: "Wow this is unreallll" and yet another exclaimed: "Omg I love that."

TK Maxx is offering the coveted bag for £24.99. The retailer's range also includes the Alex Max Brown and Gold Bead Cross Body Bag for £24.99, the Pearl Bead Clutch Bag at the same price, and the Alex Max Woven Straw Shopper Bag for £54.99.