To battle! Gamers stage world's biggest table top war game with Waterloo reenactment

A team of 120 gamers have taken part in the biggest ever historical table top war game - with more than 20,000 miniature soldiers.

The international team at the University of Glasgow have replayed the Battle of Waterloo using a gigantic 192 square metre historical map.

The 28mm figures, representing every battalion, regiment and battery which took place in the real Battle of Waterloo, were painted over the last year by wargaming enthusiasts, veterans’ groups, students, and members of the public.

The Great Game: Waterloo Replayed is a one-off charity event which recreated the Belgium battlefield of 1815 in aid of Waterloo Uncovered - a charity for military veterans.

They have been investigating the archaeology of the Waterloo battlefield since 2015.

The charity used a team of professional archaeologists including Professor Tony Pollard from the University of Glasgow.

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