Toddler, 2, rushed to hospital after being bitten by bat as he slept in his cot

Sean Morrison

A British mother has been left terrified after her toddler was bitten by a bat as he lay sleeping in his cot.

Two-year-old Kian Mallinson was rushed to hospital for a rabies jab after being attacked by the creature at his home in Hull.

His mother Jodie Smith, 29, said she ran to check on her son after she was suddenly woken by his screams at 2am on Thursday.

The former carer told the Sun she suspected it was a tummy ache until she saw three tiny marks on his arm the next morning.

She then went into his room and was left “terrified” as she found a bat.

Ms Smith told the newspaper: “As I made his bed I flicked the duvet up.

“The bat flicked out and started crawling across his bedroom floor. I was terrified. I thought it was a tarantula at first.

“I’ve never screamed so loudly.”

The toddler was reportedly bitten by the UK’s most common bat: a pipistrelle.

He is now recovering and is to have three more injections.