Toddler left alone for ten minutes eats 18 yoghurt pots

"Have kids, they said." [Photo: Getty]
"Have kids, they said." [Photo: Getty]

Additional reporting by Charlie Duffield

One toddler’s hilarious escapade is taking over the internet after her dad found her post-snack. The snack just happened to be 18 pots of Petits Filous yoghurt.

Arron Jeff Whysall left his daughter, Olivia, alone for just 10 minutes. When he returned he was equal parts horrified and impressed with what he saw.

18 yoghurts in 10 minutes has got to be some sort of record.

Arron told Yahoo News UK: “We was quite shocked as you can imagine, but I couldn’t really tell her off because of it. She was fine after, and didn’t have a belly ache or anything like that and she still ate her dinner.”

The three-year-old’s antics quickly went viral with thousands of people commenting on his daughter’s nonchalant attitude after devouring them.

She acted very quickly when her dad left her unsupervised - and managed 18 yogurts in 10 minutes (Photo: Arron Whysall/Supplied)
She acted very quickly when her dad left her unsupervised - and managed 18 yogurts in 10 minutes (Photo: Arron Whysall/Supplied)

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Arron said: “I never thought for a second that I would go viral. I posted it on Snapchat first, and then a friend suggested I post it on Facebook. It was quite funny at the time, and now it’s gone all around the US, Japan and basically everywhere!”

Looking at the picture, it would seem she grabbed the yoghurts out of the fridge in multi-packs and didn’t even bother to break them apart before inhaling all 18 of them.

We get it, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry.

Parents commenting on the post found it hilarious, but they were also rather impressed with something else they noticed.

“That is the neatest three-year-old yoghurt eater ever.” One amazed parent wrote. She went on to say how her child of the same age would have spilled the contents of the pots everywhere.

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She’s not wrong. On closer inspection, Olivia didn’t even have any yoghurt around her mouth. That’s pretty impressive on its own, without the whole devouring 18 yoghurts part.

She even lined the yoghurts up after she finished them, presumably to make room for more. After all, it’s not everyday you eat 18 of them.

“How the hell did she stay so damn clean?” Another parent remarked.

It spurred on parents sharing tales of their toddler’s mishaps.

Thousands of people also took the opportunity to call out their friends and family’s similar antics by tagging them and writing some variation of ‘YOU’.

We’ve all been there, Olivia, but most of us don’t have childhood as an excuse.

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