Toddler Less Than Impressed With News She's Going to Be a Big Sister

A toddler from Elgin, Illinois, wasn’t too impressed when she found out she was going to be a big sister on February 19.

Footage by Erin Merryn shows her three daughters discussing the news that they are getting a new sibling, and one sister in particular was initially not enthused at the thought of a new baby in the house.

Two-year-old Claire didn’t like the fact that she would no longer be the baby of the family, and skulks out of the room in apparent disgust – but thankfully she has since come around to the idea.

“She is now excited to be a big sister and loves wearing her big sister shirt,” Merryn told Storyful.

“Abby our oldest, who is six, does not want a brother. Hannah, the middle, just goes with the flow and says she will be happy with a brother,” she added. Credit: Erin Merryn via Storyful