Tom and Giovanna Fletcher's 13th anniversary didn't go very smoothly...

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher will always be one of our favourite celebrity couples around and that’s probably because on top of being adorable childhood sweethearts, they are also pretty bloomin’ normal despite their fame.

And their 13th anniversary proves that point to a T, with the couple taking to social media to reveal that they were forced to cancel their romantic dinner plans because their son was sick “all over the house”.


It’s not known whether it was two-year-old Buzz or eight-month-old Buddy who was the culprit, but we’re definitely wishing the poorly boy a speedy recovery!

Writing on Twitter, Tom shared his frustration as he quipped: “13th anniversary with @MrsGiFletcher tonight. Romantic meal booked, babysitters sorted… kid pukes all over the house. Dinner cancelled.”

He went on to share a selfie of himself and Gi in their pyjamas on the sofa, writing a heartfelt anniversary message to his wife that read: “Happy 13th anniversary to @mrsgifletcher.


"There’s no one else I’d rather be wearing pjs, watching a baby monitor, smelling mildly of sick with.”

And if that’s not true love then we don’t know what is, to be honest.

Gi also shared her own heartfelt message to Tom, gushing: “Happy 13year anniversary @tomfletcher! Thank you for making me laugh every day with your silliness, inspiring me with your creativity and being the greatest companion I could’ve hoped to find.

"You’re my bestie, my love, my clown! Thank you!!”


Thankfully all was not lost and Giovanna’s brother-in-law, Lee, came to the couple’s rescue as he cooked a special anniversary meal that Tom and Giovanna could enjoy in the comfort of their own home, with Tom explaining: “Thanks to the bro-in-law, Chickpea Lee for cooking us an anniversary meal and even getting us a cake…with candles!!!”

And Tom’s sister, Carrie, was also on hand to spread some much needed love and laughter as she shared a brilliant throwback of herself alongside the couple and wrote: “Happy 13th anniversary to one of the best and certainly most inspirational couples I know!


"I love you both ridiculous amounts! @tomfletcher @mrsgifletcher (there aren’t enough pictures of the three of us! Let’s fix that so I have a better picture to post on your 14th anniversary!!!)”

Tom and Giovanna first started dating when they met at the Sylvia Young Theatre School aged 13, although their teenage romance was pretty rocky and on-and-off until they were 18 and officially got together for good.

The pair tied the knot in 2012 and, as the old saying goes, lived happily ever after - baby sick and all!

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