Tommy Fury posts 'wedding photo' with Molly-Mae on her 25th birthday as fans go wild

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury
-Credit: (Image: Instagram/Molly-Mae Hague)

Tommy Fury has set fans' into a frenzy with a snap that they mistook for a 'wedding photo' of him and his fiancée, Molly-Mae Hague

Social media was buzzing as the former Love Island star Molly-Mae, marked her 25th birthday wrapped in the loving arms of the boxer, putting to bed any rumours of a split between the pair who first met on the ITV2 dating show.

The beauty influencer, who shot to fame on the 2019 edition of Love Island, shared a series of snapshots from her special day with her family.

One heartwarming frame captured their one-year-old daughter Bambi nestling in Tommy's arms on their bed, the Mirror reports.

Molly also shared glimpses of her birthday brekkie, a hearty pile of pancakes laced with maple syrup and topped with blueberries.

Molly spent her birthday at home with Tommy and Bambi
The beauty influencer shared her 'perfect birthday morning' with her followers -Credit:mollymae / Instagram

She captioned her post: "Perfect birthday morning."

In an effort to quench the gossip mills, she uploaded an image of her sealing a smooch with Tommy, on their sprawling sofa, while little Bambi playfully snuggled onto Molly's leg.

The caption to this tender post read: "The most chilled birthday ever at home with the people I love."

Her heartwarming birthday post comes after wide speculation that her relationship with Tommy, 25, was on the rocks

Professional boxer Tommy Fury left fans scratching their heads with a heartfelt birthday post to his girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague.

The photo, which shows the couple gazing into each other's eyes, was accompanied by a sweet message from Tommy: "Happy 25th Birthday to my world, my rock, my everything. Me and you forever."

Molly responded with: "I love you."

The snap was actually a throwback from their engagement in Ibiza last summer, but it led some fans to speculate that the couple had secretly got hitched.

One fan exclaimed: "Omg I honestly thought this was a wedding photo. Almost fell off my seat."

Another asked: "Did they get married? ? OMG."

Another fan joked: "Not me thinking they had secretly got married behind our backs."

While another clarified: "Guys this is from their engagement day. Keep up."

In recent months, fans have been worried that the couple's engagement might be off after Molly-Mae was spotted without her £600,000 ring. This followed pictures of Tommy partying in the Middle East with singer Chris Brown and a group of women.

The rumour mill went into overdrive when Molly-Mae failed to mention Tommy on his birthday and didn't comment on her brother-in-law Tyson Fury's defeat in his latest boxing match.

Most recently, when Tommy secured a role in a comedy flick, Molly didn't extend her congratulations on any of her social media channels - quite unusual for the influencer who typically spends copious amounts of time online.

It's speculated that Molly has sought comfort and guidance from her sister-in-law Paris amid this turbulent period in her relationship.

The Love Island couple's relationship has been rumoured to be on the rocks for months but Molly has finally put the speculation to bed with a picture of her smooching Tommy -Credit:mollymae/Instagram
The Love Island couple's relationship has been rumoured to be on the rocks for months but Molly has finally put the speculation to bed with a picture of her smooching Tommy -Credit:mollymae/Instagram

Spilling the beans to OK! Magazine, a source revealed: "Paris and Molly have become very close, and Molly often goes to her for advice.

"Paris has been through similar things with Tyson, so she understands what Molly is going through and she's a great support for her. She's told Molly she needs to pull the reins in and put her foot down with Tommy.

"Paris is a very strong woman and Tyson wouldn't be who he is today without her."

Last year, Molly confessed that there had been an increase in bickering since the birth of their little girl. Speaking on her YouTube channel, she admitted: "So, Tommy and I had a bit of a bicker this morning, as couples do, you know we have a baby together now, there's more things to bicker about...

"Keeping it real, we had a bit of an argument. Anyway, I was ready to not talk to that boy all day, I was like, I'm staying strong today, I'm not going to be the first to crack on this argument, I was like, he can message me first...

"So I was gonna be that strong independent lady, holding my ground."

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