Tommy Robinson demands second vote after humiliating EU election defeat

Tommy Robinson has reportedly called for another vote after his humiliating defeat in the European elections (Picture: Joe Giddens/PA Wire)

Tommy Robinson has reportedly said he “wants a second vote” after a humiliating defeat in the EU elections.

The former leader of the English Defence League had already blamed his 2.2% share of the vote in the North West on his ban from social media, saying ‘Government interference’ had prevented a fair campaign.

The independent candidate, who lost his £5,000 deposit, has reportedly posted a bizarre video from his bed on the Telegram private messaging app saying: “I don’t accept the result of the election. I want a second vote.”

According to reports, the video goes on to claim “people had been lied to” before saying “I want to do it again”.

Tommy Robinson has blamed Government interference for his EU election result (Picture: AP/ Frank Augstein)

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, had earlier blamed the fact he is banned from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for his failure to win a seat in the European Parliament.

He said: "Trump won his campaign on social media. Brexit was won on social media. I'm banned from social media.

"So my ability to fight a fair campaign is gone, orchestrated and organised by the Government. I feel like I have been fighting with my hands tied behind my back.


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"I think on my Facebook (page) 59 million watched my videos in four weeks ... if I still had that ability now I would have walked this election.

"This has proved you cannot have a fair campaign when the establishment and the Government interfere and remove any ability you have to talk to the public.”

In the region, the Brexit Party won three seats, Labour and the Lib Dems claimed two each and the Green Party secured one seat.

Mr Robinson added: "I am just happy if I got non-voters to vote. I'm happy if I politicised people from working class communities.

"I think this whole election is about Brexit so Nigel Farage can absolutely smash it but I would be excited about that if the Brexit Party would talk about the issues that I feel affect most of us in working class communities. They are just another politically correct party unfortunately but they are great on the European Union."

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