Tony Blair says Brexit has put Scottish independence back on the table

File photo dated 02/09/19 of former prime minister Tony Blair, who has urged Labour to ensure a no-deal Brexit is ruled out completely - including if upcoming EU trade talks turn "ugly" - before agreeing to an election.
Tony Blair urged the public to back a second referendum today (PA Images)

Scottish independence is “back on the table again” because of Brexit, Tony Blair has said.

The former Labour prime minister gave a speech in London on Brexit and the General Election and said Boris Johnson’s deal – where Northern Ireland remains more closely aligned to the European Union than the rest of the EU – added “an additional dimension” to the nationalists’ argument.

Mr Blair has often advocated for a second Brexit referendum.

Speaking to a Reuters Newsmakers event on Monday morning, Mr Blair said: “I don’t think campaigning for an independent Scotland is extreme. I just don’t agree with it.

“I think the United Kingdom is stronger if we’re all together, I think Scotland is better off inside the UK.

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“But, you know, Brexit has put it back on the table again. This part of the other problem, I’m afraid, is that you’ve got a situation with Northern Ireland which is very tricky if the Johnson deal goes forward.

“You’ve got a situation where obviously the Scottish nationalists now have an additional dimension to their argument.

“I still don’t agree with it, but, you know, they’re going to be saying: ‘You’ve allowed Northern Ireland to stay inside the single market, why aren’t we allowed to, we also voted heavily against Brexit?'”