Tony Hadley delights staff as 80s icon dines at Northumberland hotel during North East holiday

Tony Hadley with The Greenhead Hotel's Jordan Dodwell
-Credit: (Image: Facebook/The Greenhead Hotel')

Tony Hadley caused a bit of a buzz in Northumberland earlier this week, when the 80s legend paid an unexpected visit to a hotel near Hadrian's Wall, with its manager taking the book and assuming his guest was just going to be someone with the same name as the Spandau Ballet star and not the man himself.

Tony is the voice of pop classics like True, Gold and Through the Barricade, as Spandau Ballet cemented themselves as one of the biggest acts of the era. As well as being known for fronting the chart-toppers, Tony has also toured successfully for decades as a solo singer, as well as competing on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and winning another ITV show, Reborn in the USA, in the mid 00s.

He's currently in the middle of a hectic summer, which will see him play a number of different festivals, but this week the now 64-year-old has been enjoying some time off with his family and, where better to spend then rural Northumberland, with its stunning views and, of course, world famous landmark Hadrian's Wall.

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And, Tony was clearly keen to try some local cuisine as well, which took him to the The Greenhead Hotel, which sits by the Wall, right on the cusp of Northumberland Cumbria. It was owner Jordan Dodwell who took the booking with Jordan admitting to ChronicleLive that, as well, as not being entirely sure who Tony was, also thought it was just a member of the public lucky enough to have the same name.

He told us: "I'm only 29-years-old so I was born a while after Tony was really big but when he rang to book and said his name was Tony Hadley I thought 'that's someone famous' but assumed it was just someone with the same name and not actually him!

"When he came in on the night I recognised him straight away and knew he'd been on I'm A Celebrity. He was a really nice bloke and he said he was staying in a cottage just up the road."

Tony enjoyed a crab starter, followed by cod lion for his main and, Jordan said that,. while it was clear that other diners recognised him, they were also respectful of the fact that tony was out for a quiet meal with family, so didn't go over to his table and bother him.

"When he left, a few people at the other tables were like 'Was that Tony Hadley?'" Jordan added. "There was a bit of a buzz and then they were asking If we were getting any more popstars in. Sadly not, well not at the moment anyway!"