Tory MP accuses Nigel Farage of 'peddling racist nonsense' in shocking outburst

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Tory MP accuses Nigel Farage of ‘peddling racist nonsense’ in shocking outburst

It’s fair to say that Brexit has brought tensions bubbling to the surface and none more so than with our politicians.

Nigel Farage is a divisive figure in the Brexit debate but he was faced with a scathing outburst to his face on television last night from a furious Tory MP.

Mr Farage was interviewed on ITV’s Peston show, where he was asked about the leader of his new Brexit Party, Catherine Blaiklock, quitting over anti-Islam tweets – and asked whether he thought they were Islamophobic.

Dr Phillip Lee made the shocking outburst in front of Mr Farage on the Peston show (ITV)
The former Ukip leader didn’t look too impressed with Dr Lee (ITV)

Mr Farage said: “They were angry, intemperate comments on social media…

“You can read them… Islamophobic, you can say what you like. Remember this is somebody who’s in a mixed race marriage. Calling her a racist would be a mistake.”

Mr Farage went on to say that he “persuaded” Ms Blaiklock to resign.

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Following his interview, Tory MP and hardline Remainer Dr Phillip Lee was brought on – and he quickly launched into a blistering attack on Mr Farage, who watched on as he was accused of ‘peddling racist nonsense’.

Bracknell MP Dr Lee, who is demanding a second Brexit referendum, said: “He’s been peddling racist nonsense.

“He’s been persuading people with this populist trope crap and it has poisoned politics and it has poisoned public discourse and it amazes me he still has traction.”

Dr Lee is a Remainer who has been rumoured to be joining The Independent Group with ex Tory and Labour MPs (Getty)

The camera turned its attention to Mr Farage during the outburst, who looked on silently but unimpressed.

Neither one has so far mentioned the outburst on their Twitter pages.

Dr Lee resigned as a minister in 2018 so he could “better speak up for my constituents and country over how Brexit is currently being delivered”.