Tory Yorkshire election candidate quits after sharing photos from club nights for kids

RIshi Sunak with Adam Gregg, who has stood down as a Tory candidate
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A Conservative election candidate has quit after being exposed for running club nights for kids as young as 13 while sharing a picture showing girls appearing to have the words "horny" and "b***h" on their chests.

Adam Gregg, a former Kirklees councillor who has rubbed shoulders with PM Rishi Sunak, threw parties for teens. The 43-year-old posted inappropriate pictures on social media showing scantily-clad youngsters in schoolgirl outfits and even posted an image of children kissing, reports The Mirror.

But he has since withdrawn his candidacy after being confronted. Just minutes before today's candidacy deadline, he revealed he was quitting - saying the "events were of their time and I can understand how they could be viewed differently in today's world".

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He is the second Tory election candidate to quit in two days after another stood down when the Mirror revealed his lurid sexual comments about women. In one snap on Gregg's Facebook, a girl had a message scrawled on her shirt which said "if you want me boys come". And he once joked about how his teen clubbing night had been promoted at a school with a banner.

Elsewhere, Gregg was pictured online in 2016 holding roses next to the winner of "Miss Roadblock" at a kids night. And a flyer for the event for 13 to 17 year-olds in Hull in 2016 requested: "All ladies please arrive stunning!" The £5-a-head event was billed as having "The most up for it Crowd", promising the "Miss Roadblock 2016" winner would get a professional photoshoot and beauty makeover.

Gregg who has been a Tory councillor in Kirklees was standing in the new Spen Valley seat in West Yorkshire, against Labour's Kim Leadbeater who held a tiny majority in the Batley and Spen constituency. Gregg was a director of Roadblock Clubbing and Dance Paradise Promotions, Companies House records show. Both firms are now dissolved.

Jonathan Ashworth, Labour's Shadow Paymaster General, said: "Another day, another Tory candidate is exposed... This adds to growing concerns about the calibre of candidates Rishi Sunak has been forced to select."

Gregg appears to have uploaded pictures from earlier club nights for teenagers as part of an effort to promote a reunion club night in 2016. On a "Dance Paradise Memories" group, a message from Gregg said: "Were you a Hull teenager in the 2000's? Do you remember raving away at the Dance Paradise events in LAs, Heaven and Hell and Pozition?"

"Jam-packed with up to 2000 high school clubbers. Dance Paradise ran all over the place but it was in Hull where the some of our biggest and best parties took place!...As the organiser of all those fantastic events it gives me great pleasure to start releasing today thousands of event photos and videos from this era."

On his Facebook, Gregg uploaded a picture thought to be from a 2006 event on Facebook showing two young girls with what appear to be the words "HORNY" and "B***H" written in glow in the dark paint on their chests. The picture was tagged in the corner "dance paradise reunion" logo.

In another snap uploaded on Gregg's account, a group of girls posed including two with their midriffs exposed in schoolgirl outfits. The picture is thought to be from a 2007 night. And another snap uploaded by him showed two girls with one wearing a schoolgirl outfit with words scrawled on it including "if you want me boys come".

The image, believed to have been from a 2008 night, carried the "dance paradise reunion" logo in the corner. In July 2016, Gregg posted on Facebook about how he was "thinking about all the good times". In the post, which had accompanying pictures of a banner at a school, he wrote: "Who remembers David Lister school? Maybe we overstepped the mark by putting a Dance Paradise banner on their gates", adding: "what do you think?" In a comment underneath, Gregg added: "haha it was on a lunchtime we wanted to get our message across as kids went back into school surprisingly not one single teacher said anything!"

Gregg said: "I was a young promoter trying to build a business which became very successful and was one of several companies running similar events. If anyone has felt the events they attended, the promotion or photographs from the events were inappropriate, I sincerely apologise. These events were of their time and I can understand how they could be viewed differently in today's world. I have withdrawn my candidacy from the general election to ensure this matter doesn't in any way detract from the party's efforts to win the Spen Valley seat, and would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who has helped me during the campaign."

The Conservative Party was contacted for comment.