Tourist in Scotland overwhelmed after stranger's incredible gesture in cafe

Idris Oyeniyi with the kind strangers who paidf for his meal in Glasgow's Café Gandolfi
-Credit: (Image: SWNS)

A tourist on his first-ever trip to Scotland was taken aback - when a pair of strangers paid for his £25 meal in a cafe.

Idris Oyeniyi, 29, had tucked into a breakfast at Glasgow's Cafe Gandolfi and was expecting to pay the bill.

But, unbeknown to him, a couple had overheard him telling staff it was his first time in Scotland - so decided to pay for him.

Idris, who is originally from Kildare in Ireland but now lives in Birmingham, said: "I was quite taken aback by it to be honest.

"I hadn't even spoke to them before that point.

"It wasn't like I was going to cry necessarily but they really didn't have to do that.

"It was just pure kindness and I wasn't expecting it."

The couple - who are not named - were charmed by Idris' excitement about experiencing the Scottish culture and food and decided to foot the £25 bill.

Idris said: "The woman really liked that I was visiting to discover Scotland.

"It was her birthday that day and her husband has proposed to her in that caf so I could tell it meant a lot to her."

Idris, who is known as Eddy on his YouTube travel vlogs, was only in Glasgow for the weekend but he has since gone back to visit more of the country.

Idris said: "I've now been to Edinburgh, Dundee, Isle of Arran and a few others.

"I think my favourite so far has been Dundee but I want to go round all the different Scottish islands now.

"I do a lot of my travels over the weekends so being able to go somewhere in the UK makes it a lot easier."

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