Toyota staff sacked after apparently mocking George Floyd’s murder

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Toyota has sacked two high ranking employees after a video was leaked of George Floyd's death apparently being mocked at their Indiana plant. 

Patrick Talley, a supervisor, was seen to kneel on a binder while reportedly saying: "That will keep them down," according to witnesses.

An onlooker, who shot the video on June 6, and requested anonymity, said: "It was a disgusting gesture Talley made to imply that kneeling on a black man's neck until he dies is a great way to 'keep them down' and continue to repress them.

"Everyone who saw him do it was disgusted, and he was reported to HR immediately.

"Just hours before, the whole company had observed eight minutes and 46 seconds of silence for Mr. Floyd - that made Talley's actions particularly disgusting."  

The Japanese car manufacturer also fired a Team Leader at the same plant for allegedly posting racist comments in one of the company's Facebook groups. [TMMItalks Toyota Motors Manufacturing Indiana Talks.] 

The source added: "He ranted on the Facebook group, 'If black people don't like it in this country they can go back to Africa and talk to the village chief that sold them into slavery'."

A representative of Toyota Motor North America said: "We can confirm that these individuals are no longer employees of Toyota. 

"Our message to those who are hurting is: We see you. We hear you. And, we stand with you and for you.

"Respect for people is and will remain, our North Star. We stand behind our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we remain steadfast in our belief for equality, respect and inclusivity for all people.   


"We take any allegation of racism in the workplace seriously, as it is not consistent with our core values." 

The source, who shot the video, said: "The rednecks in the plant might have been irritated by the termination of those two men, but the rest of us felt jubilant. 

"I'm proud of Toyota for doing that. 

"By firing these men Toyota is setting a fine example for other companies, to demonstrate that racism in the workplace will not be tolerated anymore.  

"There is so much covert racism in Indiana, some of these people are completely cave men-ignorant." 

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