Tracker Is Giving The People What They Want And Setting Up Another This Is Us Reunion

 Justin Hartley on Tracker.
Justin Hartley on Tracker.

Justin Hartley’s Tracker is continuing to be a huge success on the 2024 TV schedule. The series marks Hartley’s first major TV role since This Is Us ended in 2022. While fans may have said goodbye to the Pearson family and their friends, it seems like Hartley is still keeping them close to him. After his on-screen stepdad, Jon Huertas directed an episode, Tracker is setting up another This Is Us reunion, this time involving Jennifer Morrison.

Morrison recurred on This Is Us as veteran Cassidy Sharp, beginning in Season 4. Her character's life intertwined with Hartley’s Kevin Pearson, and they quickly became a beloved duo, as Cassidy was often someone Kevin could go to. According to Collider, Morrison will be appearing in the Season 1 finale of Tracker, and Hartley told the outlet what to expect from Morrison’s “key role” and this exciting reunion:

I’ll give you a little tidbit, In the finale, we have Jennifer Morrison coming on to play a key role. I haven’t worked with her since This Is Us, and she comes on as an old family friend of Colter’s, from way back when they were kids. And so, that whole family dynamic leaks out a little bit through her experience with him in the finale. So, there’s that. I probably wasn’t supposed to tell you that, but it’s all good.

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Justin Hartley on Tracker.
Justin Hartley on Tracker.

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It sounds like the finale will be a pretty intense one, and there’s no telling how it will all go down. However, this tease has me excited to see just how Morrison's character interacts with Hartley's. Overall, it will be exciting to see these two together again, and it could very well be another stepping stone to getting even more This Is Us stars to come on Tracker.

These last few episodes of the CBS drama’s first season are really digging into Colter’s family. Manifest star Melissa Roxburgh will be portraying Colter’s little sister, Dr. Dory Shaw, in this Sunday’s episode, while Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles will play his brother, Russell Shaw, the following week.

The Shaw family seems to have a complex dynamic, and hopefully, Morrison’s character doesn’t further complicate it. However, there's no denying that whatever role she plays will make the story deeper and more exciting as we learn more about Colter's past.

Whatever happens in these final episodes of the season, hopefully, the series will continue to grow these storylines. Season 2 of Tracker is already greenlit, meaning depending on the flow of plot and schedules, it’s possible the finale won’t be the last time fans see Jennifer Morrison on the series. Knowing the chemistry the two actors had on This is Us, I'm sure their dynamic in the CBS drama will be just as entertaining to watch, so I'm already hoping we get more of it.

Along with this reunion, Justin Hartley has previously expressed interest in having a This Is Us reunion on Tracker, and he jokingly threw around the idea that Colter could come across Milo Ventimiglia’s Jack Pearson. Crazier things have certainly happened on television, so you never know.

In the meantime, fans will be able to look forward to a This Is Us reunion when Jennifer Morrison guest stars on the Season 1 finale of Tracker airing on Sunday, May 19 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.