Traffic night-MARE as 30 horses gallop down road at rush hour after escaping from field

It’s not the usual rush hour traffic you’d expect to see.

Motorists encountered the night-MARE as 30 horses galloped down a busy road after escaping from a nearby field.

The group of horses were spotted during morning rush hour near Norwich on Thursday (November 15).

The crazy moment was captured John Childs who couldn’t believe it when he saw the herd charge past his car.

He said: “They stopped the traffic it was a bit surreal they apparently came from a horse sanctuary miles away.

NightMARE – John Childs filmed the horses galloping down the road (Picture: SWNS)

Mr Childs posted the footage on Facebook, which has since be shared more than 3,000 times, writing: “If anybody knows someone with horses on a field on reepham road hellesdon. (sic)

“You better give them a call.”

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It transpired that the horses had escaped from Hillside Animal Sanctuary, in Hellesdon, near Norwich, taking themselves for a run along Reepham Road, where drivers were forced to stop to let them pass.

A local farmer helped to return them safely to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

Chaos – the horses had escaped from a nearby field before running down roads near Norwich (Picture: SWNS)

Police also confirmed they had attended after being called to Drayton High Road at around 8.15am following reports of a herd of horses running free in the area, helping with traffic control before the animals were led to safety with the help of a farmer.

None of the horses or members of the public were injured during the incident.

Wendy Valentine, the founder of Hillside Animal Sanctuary said the charity were unsure how the animals had escaped as all the horses had been securely locked in a barn the previous night.

“It’s a massive relief that there weren’t any incidents or members of the public,” she said.