Traffic warden explains 10-minute rule and how to avoid a ticket

A traffic warden has revealed the ins and outs of her job, including how to avoid a ticket and debunking common myths. Stacey, a 33 year old enforcement officer, spoke to MailOnline about the realities of her role.

Contrary to popular belief, Stacey clarified that traffic wardens do not receive commission for each ticket they issue. Instead, she earns less than £12 per hour and often faces verbal and physical abuse, as well as threats involving weapons, in the line of duty.

Stacey also shared some tips on how to avoid receiving a fine. She explained that pleading with a traffic warden won't help if you're in the wrong.

However, if there's a genuine medical emergency and you leave a note on your car, you might not be fined. If you do receive a ticket under such circumstances and can prove it was a real emergency, you may win an appeal.

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The decision to issue a ticket or a warning is at the discretion of the enforcement officer, according to Stacey. She also mentioned that she would overlook certain situations, such as an 'embarrassing situation', which could involve a romantic couple or a homeless person sleeping in their vehicle.

Stacey revealed that issuing a ticket takes just 30 seconds thanks to a smartphone app that checks if parking has been paid for. However, once she starts taking photos of the car to prove there's no ticket and to show the parking restriction signs, drivers have a 10-minute grace period to pay for parking or drive away.

Stacey implores the public to understand that her role isn't solely about enforcing penalties, but also aims to foster fair and safe road conditions for all.

Stacey stated: "Yes, I issue tickets, but my task is also to help motorists. It is not fair for those that do pay for their parking, or who have a disability and need a particular space to find their bay is stolen."

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