Traitors winner Harry Clark 'wanted to end it all at 21' after being in 'darkest place'

The Traitors winner Harry Clark -Credit:BBC
The Traitors winner Harry Clark -Credit:BBC

The Traitors winner Harry Clark, has opened up about his mental health struggles at age 21, at that time finding himself "in the darkest place" and having suicidal thoughts. Now a celebrated name after his victory in the popular BBC game show, the former Lance Corporal is hoping to use his elevated platform to aid others dealing with mental health issues.

The 23 year old, who bagged the £95,000 grand prize on The Traitors this past January, confessed to having once hit "rock bottom". Since then life's been a whirlwind, with him waving goodbye to his military days and stepping into a TV career, which includes appearances on Comic Relief and affiliations with a celebrity agency.

Despite fame knocking at his door, Harry remains grounded owing to his previous experiences. He recalled: "At around 21, I went through a bad time. I was in the darkest place you could possibly be. I had feelings of wanting to end it all. I was quite an angry kid. But the Army moulded my characteristics and made me the man I am today."

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He further shared his coping mechanisms stating: "I began facing my emotions and learned to give myself time to be angry and sad. I started to set myself time limits to process my feelings. Afterwards, I'd tell myself I couldn't waste any more time being angry or upset.", reports the Mirror.

He concluded by highlighting how these past trials have taught him to "value life", sharing: "I had a realisation that time is the most important thing and I didn't want to waste it. In the Army, I was that guy people would talk to. All I want to do is help. It's a lonely world and it's easy to be blinded by mental health."

And he aims to help people through a pastime he has loved since childhood. Harry has teamed up with the Environment Agency on its Spring Fishing Licence campaign to promote angling's benefits. "I enjoy the relaxation and being able to escape reality. It's an amazing time to talk," he said.

Harry reveals that he and his best mate Harry Browne have had some of their most profound conversations while fishing. "He's dealt with his emotions by talking and offloading to me while fishing. Talking has made me believe in manifestation. Before The Traitors, I'd tell him I was going to make it out of Slough and make my family money. I didn't know how but now I have."

Describing his TV victory as "mindblowing", Harry added: "My feet still haven't touched the ground. When it aired, I was still working. Then people started recognising me in the street."

As for his plans with the prize money, he says: "My end goal has always been a big house where all my family can come for Christmas."