Tributes to much-loved Coventry bar manager remembered for being 'one of a kind'

Christy Brown died on Wednesday, May 15
-Credit: (Image: Alex Ceairns)

Tributes have poured in for a much-loved Coventry man whose loved ones say was 'taken way too young.' Christy Brown died last Wednesday (May 15) at the age of just 34.

Christy spent many years at the helm of The Four Provinces in Chapelfields. He was remembered by his loved ones as being 'thoughtful, impeccably witty and extremely caring.'

Alex Ceairns, who owns The Four Provinces, said the tragic passing of his beloved friend was 'very unexpected.' Christy was working just hours before he died and was said to have collapsed after visiting the GP.

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The Four Provinces, on Allesley Old Road, closed following his unexpected passing and reopened on Friday (May 17). Alex said reopening the doors without Christy there was 'really tough.'

Tributes have flooded in for Christy who was remembered for being 'one of a kind.' Brendan Harkin said: “One of the nicest guys you could meet, taken way too young.”

Pubgoer Jeffers said: “Christy, you really were one of a kind. Having drank in The Four Provinces for several years you really did become a good mate, someone who we as a group relied on a lot.

“You were always there to listen to us moan and just waffle if we had been having a rough time. All I can say is thank you for all the great times.”

Christy was known for his 'unwavering kindness'
Christy was known for his 'unwavering kindness' -Credit:Alex Ceairns

Friend Hettie said: “Working with you and being part of your life was truly the best and I am so lucky to have had a person like you in my life. You loved winding us all up but you were always there for us no matter what, always the listener and being there for everyone.

“Your hugs were the best and our dancing either when I would be drunk or grabbing the chance when we would be working. I love you and miss you and wish I could have one more hug.”

Rachel Scott said: “I have never known anyone so selfless and so caring. You were there for everyone, it is like you had the gift of knowing exactly what to say and how to then immediately crack a joke. You were one of a kind, Christie.”

Tommy Winter, from The Four Provinces FC, said: “I am so sorry to hear this, the Four Ps will never be the same without Christy. Thanks for always looking after our boys on a Sunday.”

Jamie Cairns said: “A real top bloke, had some great laughs with this guy over the years. He will be sorely missed.”

Anyone who wishes to pay their respects to Christy Brown can do so using Online Tribute.

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