I tried new cake at Hykeham pub known for weird and wonderful puddings

There is always a huge range of desserts on offer
-Credit: (Image: Laycie Beck)

I have an incredible sweet tooth, and so I love treating myself to a pudding if I go out for dinner and one of the best places is Windmill Farm, off the A46 near Hykeham. My favourite thing about this place is that the desserts are always massive, whatever you order you seem to get a jumbo portion, and it's often enough to serve two people.

Whilst the pub has the usual items like chocolate fudge cake and carrot cake, it also serves more unique flavours, some of which are downright weird but often wonderful. Some of the more unique flavours over the years include the Passion Fruit Martini Cake, Marx Attack, Funfetti, and one year I'm sure I had some sort of mince pie cake creation.

They also sell giant eclairs and vanilla slices, which are probably double the size of whatever you're thinking of. Most of the cake sizes cost £5.29, which may seem like a lot but the slices are huge and not your standard slice at all.

However, now they have introduced a flavour which might top all others. Inspired by Neapolitan ice cream, the pub is now selling The Party Starter, so of course I had to go and try it.

This cost £5.99 for a slice, and I had to remind myself that the portion sizes were worth it, otherwise £6 for a piece of cake is crazy for anywhere except London. I love how the cake is designed so it has wafers around the edge and then a bowl of what looks like ice cream and flakes on top.

The Party Starter is a limited edition cake
The Party Starter is a limited edition cake -Credit:Laycie Beck

It's such a lovely design that it was almost sad seeing it cut up, and then I tasted it. This cake may be the perfect dessert for people that can't decide what they want as it was literally three cakes in one.

The bottom layer was a moist chocolate cake smothered in chocolate icing, whereas the middle layer was a classic vanilla cake with sweet buttercream icing. The top layer had me thinking for a while, the pink icing was definitely strawberry flavoured but I couldn't work out the cake, if it was another vanilla slice with jam or what.

Then I realised it had actual strawberries baked into it. Because of how the cake was decorated, these three layers could easily be separated and had as three different cake slices, although the strawberry one would definitely end up being the best since it had the wafer and flake on top.

If you don't have time to eat in, you can also get a cake-away
If you don't have time to eat in, you can also get a cake-away -Credit:Laycie Beck

It tasted like I was working my way through an ice cream tub. I split the cake into two and had one half one day and the other the next day, although unlike pizza which tastes better the next day, I'm not sure the same can be said for cake as it did get a bit dry in the fridge.

Overall though, it was such a tasty dessert and I would recommend trying it whilst it's still for sale, as these limited-edition flavours always seem to be gone in the blink of an eye. Plus, if you don't fancy eating in, which you definitely won't if you have had one of the amazing carverys, then you can get a cake-away and the staff will pack a slice up for you.