True Detective's Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey reunite for new show

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True Detective's Harrelson and McConaughey reuniteAnonymous Content/Lee Caplin/Picture/Passenger/Kobal/Shutterstock

True Detective icons Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey will play fictionalised versions of themselves in a new as yet untitled Apple TV+ comedy series.

TVLine reports that, nearly a decade on from their unforgettable HBO collaboration that saw both actors earn Primetime Emmy Award nods, these two real-life pals have signed on for the streamer's untitled project from David West Read, who previously worked on Schitt's Creek.

It's described as a "heartfelt odd-couple love story" centering on the "strange and beautiful bond" between Harrelson and McConaughey.

As for the plot? Their friendship gets a test when their families decide to live together on McConaughey's Texas ranch, which proves difficult. It's not yet clear if the two will be playing heightened versions of themselves or new characters entirely.

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This comes after Oscar-winner Jodie Foster and boxing champion Kali Reis became anthology thriller True Detective's latest leads for a fourth season known as Night Country.

The freezing action concerns Foster's character Detective Liz Danvers and her partner Evangeline Navarro, sent to solve the case of six missing men out at the Tsalal Arctic Research Station.

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Meanwhile, none other than Christopher Eccleston is onboard this one too, as Ted Corsaro, who's been described as a "political animal" and regional chief of police.

Andor's Fiona Shaw joins them as well, playing survivalist Rose Aguineau, plus John Hawkes of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, with Tigers Are Not Afraid's Issa López directing and Barry Jenkins of The Underground Railroad involved as an executive producer.

True Detective: Night Country will air on HBO in the US, and Sky Atlantic in the UK later this year.

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