True Love Or True Lies? returns with ‘most diverse reality TV cast’

By Julia Hunt, PA Entertainment Correspondent

MTV game show True Love Or True Lies? is returning with what the show’s makers say is the “most diverse reality TV cast in British telly history”.

The series, hosted by Dani Dyer with her dad Danny Dyer on voiceover duty, sees eight couples enter an idyllic mansion in Malta, competing to prove their love is real to win a large cash prize.

However some of the pairs are liars – fake couples trying to steal the cash for themselves.

The couples include Declan and Bernadette, who had her leg amputated after being diagnosed with cancer last year.

True Love Or True Lies? cast (MTV/PA)

Charlie and Chloe first met in the female toilets of a club in Glasgow, and became best friends. Since then, Charlie has transitioned from female to male.

Poppy and Parisa have been together for almost two years, while Scott and Ryan are former schoolmates who got together when meeting at a local gym.

The contestants also include Eliza and Jack, who have been together for over a year and a half, new couple Kory and Emily, Timothie and Mahatma, who met on the drag scene, Shadia and Alice, who describe themselves as “caramel African/Portuguese lesbian and Arab/Spanish bisexual couple with massive hair”.

Craig Orr of MTV International said: “At MTV we’re all about celebrating and championing young people from all walks of life and True Love Or True Lies? is a great example of this.

“Featuring a diverse cast of young couples all with incredible love stories (some true and others fabricated), the show tests society’s constructed ideals of what makes a ‘perfect couple’.

“Diversity is about including everybody – where you’re from, what you look like, how you identify, who you love and how you love.

“When we include a broad range of young people, we truly reflect society and represent everyone.”

True Love Or True Lies? starts on October 21 at 9pm.