Trump Admits Using Aliases For Business Deals

Sky News US Team
Trump Admits Using Aliases For Business Deals

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has admitted using aliases during real estate deals, but denied posing as a spokesman for himself decades ago.

In an interview on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the tycoon said he would often employ the tactic to avoid being overcharged in transactions.

But he continued to deny using the names "John Miller" and "John Barron" in 1991 to pose as an imaginary spokesman in a recently-released recording .

He said: "You know, over the years I've used aliases.

"I actually used the name Barron. I used an alias in terms of setting up a meeting with Mr Donald Trump.

"And many people in the real estate business do that, you use alias.

"And you have to, frankly, otherwise they find out it's you and they charge you more money - and nobody wants to pay more money."

Mr Trump's appearance on the late-night TV show came a day after violent protests outside one of his rallies in Albuquerque , New Mexico, where demonstrators threw burning items at police and toppled barricades.

A similar rally in Anaheim, California, was less heated after dozens of police moved in to prevent violence outside.

Mr Trump used the event to criticise Hillary Clinton over a State Department audit which found she had violated government policies for avoiding cybersecurity risks by using a private email server when she was secretary of state.

He said: "She had a little bad news today, as you know. Some reports came down, weren't so good."

But the real estate mogul's own campaign took a blow on Wednesday after political director Rick Wiley quit.

In a statement, Mr Trump's campaign said Mr Wiley had only been hired until the candidate's organisation was "running full steam", but his hiring had been viewed as a sign that Republican Party veterans were moving towards supporting him.

Meanwhile, police in Bismarck, North Dakota, said they would dedicate a quarter of their force for security when Mr Trump heads to the state on Thursday for more rallies.