Trump impeachment news - live: President ‘shocked’ by riot, he says in video after being impeached again

Jon Sharman,Matt Mathers,Oliver O'Connell and Graeme Massie
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Donald Trump said he was “shocked” by the violence that was unleashed by his supporters at the Capitol in a new video released after his impeachment.

“I want to be very clear. I unequivocally condemn the violence that we saw last week,” said the outgoing president.

"Violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country and our movement."

In a vote this afternoon the House of Representatives passed the threshold to impeach Donald Trump on a charge of inciting insurrection. Ten Republicans voted with Democrats, making him the first president to be impeached twice.

Liz Cheney, the GOP’s third-most-senior House member, voted to impeach, saying the president’s incitement of the Capitol riot was a “betrayal”.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported that Mitch McConnell, the GOP Senate leader, was pleased Democrats were moving to impeach the president a second time. Up to 20 Republicans might support the plan, it was claimed.

However, on Wednesday it was confirmed that the Senate will not return early meaning that the earliest a trial could start is 19 January. Effectively it will not happen until Joe Biden is president. In addition, McConnell’s office told reporters that he had not made a decision how to vote and would listen to the legal arguments — confirming that he may vote to convict.

There were stunning images out of the Capitol this morning as lawmakers and journalists arrived to find hundreds of members of the National Guard sleeping along hallways and in the visitors’ centre as security was ramped up to the maximum.