Trump news: President cancels rally over high winds, as he threatens ‘Anonymous’ whistleblower with ‘bad things’

Joe Sommerlad,Gino Spocchia,Oliver O'Connell and Justin Vallejo
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US president Donald Trump (AFP via Getty Images)
US president Donald Trump (AFP via Getty Images)

Donald Trump threatened Anonymous whistleblower Miles Taylor with retribution after the former DHS official outed himself as the secret author of insider revelations, with the president saying "bad things are going to happen".

The threat was made in Florida as Mr Trump and Joe Biden held dueling rallies in their bitter war for the swing state's Hispanic voters, with both candidates attacking South American dictators and each claiming they were the once to bring democracy to Cuba and Venezuela.

Melania Trump, meanwhile, also made a rare campaign appearance alongside her husband to decry hate, negativity and fear and say there is no room for playing politics in the middle of the pandemic.

No politics will be played in North Carolina on Thursday night after Trump's Fayetteville rally was cancelled due to inclement weather. It comes after two people from the president's last rally in the state tested positive for Covid, and his campaign was criticized for stranding thousands of supporters in near-freezing temperatures after a rally in Nebraska.

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As the 2020 US presidential election enters its final stretch, Trump is said to be “rattled” by Barack Obama’s entry onto the campaign trail in support of Biden’s tilt at the White House, with an ex-adviser to the 44th president saying Trump is “obsessed with the fact that his presidency pales in comparison to the prior one.”

Hackers have meanwhile stolen $2.3m from the Republican Party of Wisconsin, looting the president’s re-election war chest in a key swing state in which he is polling 17 points behind Biden.

That follows the US Supreme Court dealing a blow to the campaign on Wednesday by granting North Carolina an extended deadline to count mail-in ballots, giving the state until 12 November to calculate its total and overriding Republican objections in a win for state Democrats who are thought to be more likely to vote by post.

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