Trying to avoid speeding fines in Europe could land you with hefty penalties of up to £5,000

Drivers looking to avoid speeding fines could land themselves in even more trouble (Picture: Getty)

It’s holiday season, with plenty of Brits planning to take a trip to Europe but motorists could be risking huge fines when they hit the road if they try to avoid speeding penalties.

EU rules reportedly mean motorists could be hit with whopping charges of up to €6,000 (£5,260) that they might not face in the UK.

One issues is trying to avoid speeding penalties using speed camera detectors – including those on sat navs – and jammers, which are allowed in the UK but banned in many European countries.

Using camera-blocking devices like radar or laser jammers could also prompt a hefty fine, with penalties reportedly ranging from €1,500 in France to €6,000 in Spain.

Drivers are also at risk of on-the-spot fines for offences including using a mobile phone, speeding, or failing to wear a seatbelt.

Fines – fines could range up to €6,000 for some motoring offences (Picture: Getty)

And it’s no use thinking you’re safe because you’re leaving the country – drivers can be charged for European driving offences if they break the law while on holiday with regulations introduced in May last year giving EU countries the power to track people down.

Since last year, European authorities have been able to request registered keeper details from the DVLA, meaning they can pursue you for offences committed in your vehicle while abroad.


Speeding fines can extend up to £640 and it’s not all that uncommon, with a study by Green Flag last year finding that a third of Brits didn’t know what speed the limits were in Europe.


Other offences include running red lights, driving in restricted lanes, mobile phone use, and motorcyclists not wearing a helmet.