Tuesday morning news briefing: Police given lockdown warning

A man being issued with an on-the-spot fine for allegedly breaking lockdown rules in Edinburgh  
A man being issued with an on-the-spot fine for allegedly breaking lockdown rules in Edinburgh

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Police given warning on 'overzealous' virus tactics

Has the long arm of the law been reaching too far? Amid complaints about the "overzealous" enforcement of social distancing regulations, one of Britain's most senior police officers has told colleagues their handling of the coronavirus crisis will be remembered for generations. Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu argues that officers must preserve "the trust and confidence of the public" and maintain the tradition of "policing by consent". Read his article for us. In a series of incidents, police forces have fined individuals £60 for buying "non-essential" goods from shops and for going out for a drive "due to boredom". Lord Sumption, a former justice of the Supreme Court, accused police of acting like "glorified school prefects". From shopping bags searched to a ban on fishing - Crime Correspondent Martin Evans explains what we know about the scope of the new laws.

So where can you go, what can you do and how can you shop under the strict new conditions? Understanding the new rules for daily life can be more complicated than you might think. Luckily, our ultimate lockdown Q&A answers all your questions. And Matt's brilliant cartoon today finds humour in the coronavirus rules - it is one of my favourites in a while.

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UK death toll is larger than official figures show

Experts have warned that Britain's coronavirus death toll is now likely to be far greater than shown by official figures. Until now, daily numbers - which reveal 1,415 UK deaths so far - have only counted those in hospital and show a growing time lag approaching three weeks in some cases. Health Editor Laura Donnelly explains what new data due to be released by the Office for National Statistics today is likely to show. And use our postcode tool to search for confirmed cases by area. The UK's epidemic is expected to peak in about three weeks before a steady decline in deaths. Will that mean an end to social distancing - or could we face a lockdown until the end of the year? Science Editor Sarah Knapton examines the four most likely scenarios for getting back to normal.

Warm May weather might stifle virus, say experts

Now for the good news. A study suggests the coronavirus outbreak could be stifled by warm English weather in May. Researchers from University College London found infections from three common coronaviruses followed a seasonal pattern in England, with large numbers in winter at the same time as influenza. And view four graphs the Government says show the lockdown is working in the fight against the virus spread.

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Comment and analysis

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Business and money briefing

Running out of storage | Oil wells across the world could close within weeks due to a lack of space to store unsold crude, analysts warned after prices fell to an 18-year low. Goldman Sachs said producers were having to shut rigs and cap output. With the surplus set to hit 25 million barrels a day, Ed Clowes explains how firms are running low on storage.

Gallery: Virus fightback in pictures

Comfort for the masses | The USNS Comfort medical ship moves up the Hudson River past the Statue of Liberty yesterday. Read US Editor Ben Riley-Smith's report as the American coronavirus death toll surpasses the number killed in the 9/11 attacks and view a gallery of world images.

The US Navy's 1,000-bed sea-going hospital will be used to treat non virus-related patients - AFP
The US Navy's 1,000-bed sea-going hospital will be used to treat non virus-related patients - AFP

Also in the news today

Royal branding | The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have mothballed their "Sussex Royal" accounts as they leave Britain behind to spend the next few months "focusing on their family" and working "safely and privately". The Duke and Duchess, now living in Los Angeles, told fans on Instagram "You've been great!" as they signed off as "Harry and Meghan" to enter a social media blackout with a day to spare before the deadline to remove the word royal from their branding.

And finally...

Up in smoke? | The owner of a Grade I listed tower restored with public money has prompted renewed anger after putting it up for sale for a second time - despite claiming he would give it away in a raffle. As Victoria Ward explains, more than £3m of taxpayers' money was spent on the restoration of Hadlow Tower in Kent.