The Turing test for those in the money

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While I agree with the points made by your correspondents (Letters, 17 July) about the huge contribution Islam has made to the sum of human knowledge, the examples were all from the flowering of Islam in the middle ages. What Boris Johnson fails to make clear is that it is, sadly, present-day Saudi-led Wahhabi Islam which is sending some Muslims back to an illiberal version of the religion which would never have produced the contributions so rightly praised on your letters page.
Jane Ghosh

• Congratulations on your series: “What Kind of a Bastard is Boris?” by Anyone Who Ever Knew him. It is keeping me going until Monday, when I expect to lose the will to live.
Rose Meade
Faversham, Kent

• While it is indeed a “triumph” to have Alan Turing on the £50 note (Emily Grossman,, 16 July), the downside is that hardly anyone ever sees a £50 note. Sadly, this won’t be an everyday reminder of his genius.
Sue Leyland
Hunmanby, North Yorkshire

• In the 1970s and 1980s there were numerous titanic struggles at the BBC between management and unions, touching on pay and conditions, censorship, unfair dismissals, equal ops, childcare facilities and so on. But nothing got the members of what is now Bectu fired up like our campaign for soft toilet paper (Letters, 17 July).
Giles Oakley
East Sheen, London

• I followed my grandmother’s advice when confronted with those shiny sheets of Izal: scrunch it up first to soften it and make it less slippy.
Jacqueline Wilks

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