TV tonight: the brilliant Ladhood is back to explore modern masculinity


10pm, BBC Three

The final series of Liam Williams’s brilliant autobiographical comedy opens with painfully relatable scenes for any socially mobile millennial who has moved to London in search of opportunity: “Thirty-four years old and spending most of my wage paying off the mortgage of a lazy fiftysomething who can turn up at any moment.” When his mum asks why he still lives in a city he can’t afford, Liam ponders the conundrum. The show continues to run its two parallel timelines, as he recalls the moment his teenage dreams of moving in with his friends were ruined by being invited to apply to Oxbridge. A sensitive and very funny exploration of modern masculinity. Hollie Richardson

House of the Dragon

9pm, Sky Atlantic

As was the case in Game of Thrones, this prequel has a clever habit of abruptly interrupting fantastically scripted dialogue-heavy episodes with eye-watering blockbuster action. And this is exactly what we came for, right? While gutsy Rhaenrya deals with her best friend, Alicent, now being her stepmother (awkward), Daemon and Corlys are feeling the pinch of the ongoing war with the Crabfeeder. HR

Channel 4 News: Britain’s New Prime Minister

7pm, Channel 4

During the race to be the new Conservative leader, we’ve seen Liz Truss struggle to find her way out of a conference room, while Rishi Sunak couldn’t quite work out how to use a bank card to pay for his petrol. Anyway, one of them will be named prime minister tonight in this 90-minute news special. HR

The Boys from Brazil: Rise of the Bolsonaros

9pm, BBC Two

Opening with clips of the president of Brazil facilitating the deforestation of the Amazon, calling a woman a “whore” and expressing homophobia, this three-part documentary retraces Jair Bolsonaro’s remarkable rise to power from the political fringe. HR

The Suspect

9pm, ITV

The dark drama starring a glowering Aidan Turner continues. Joe O’Loughlin increasingly looks an embattled and dubious figure – and his obsession with the murder is leading him to take reckless and unethical risks. Meanwhile, the detectives investigating the case are about to turn the spotlight back on to him. Phil Harrison

Second Hand for 50 Grand

10pm, Channel 4

Another window into the lives of the excessively rich, via this three-part documentary on an agency that sources “pre-owned luxury” items too exclusive to be found in shops. Tonight, an ex-banker wants a £60k watch and an influencer seeks a particular Chanel purse. Can the right sellers be found? God, let’s hope so. Jack Seale