TV tonight: a Highland fling in Two Doors Down

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<span>Photograph: Alan Peebles/BBC</span>
Photograph: Alan Peebles/BBC

Two Doors Down: Christmas Special

9pm, BBC Two

The Glaswegian sitcom exits the suburbs for this festive special. When coronavirus restrictions put a spanner in Colin and Cathy’s plans for a luxury Christmas holiday in Dubai, the neighbours end up in a luxury lodge in the Highlands instead, pushing each other to breaking point. While Ian (Jamie Quinn) has some good news to share with his boyfriend, Gordon (Kieran Hodgson), Cathy (Doon Mackichan) soon begins to feel attacked by Beth (Arabella Weir). Ammar Kalia

Deep Fakes: Can You Trust Your Eyes?

6.05pm, Channel 4

The good news: deep fake faces can’t blink convincingly. The bad: deep fakery is incredibly dangerous and could destroy what is left of democracy. Morland Sanders explores the scary online phenomenon – the replacing of existing media with someone else’s likeness. Ali Catterall

Meerkat: A Dynasties Special

7.30pm, BBC One

Two meerkat pups at sunset
Two cute ... meerkat pups at sunset. Photograph: Greg Hartman/BBC

David Attenborough brings his soothing tones to this special, focusing on the fortunes of meerkat queen Maghogho and her family’s fight for survival in the harsh aridity of Botswana’s Makgadikgadi salt pan. Facing a tough dry season, the clan must try to hold out for rain. AK

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2020

8pm, BBC Four

The annual scientific series kicks off with a fascinating offering from the geology professor Chris Jackson, who details the history of Earth’s climate change, as stored in the makeup of ancient fossils. A cautionary tale of human industry that has now tipped this delicate balance over the edge. AK

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad – The Unseen Show

8.30pm, ITV

After two camper van trips across the US, there are no more jaunts on the horizon for Brad and Barney, so the pair hunker down to review their adventures to date. Highlights include gospel singing in Kentucky and an intense centrifuge ride in Texas. Graeme Virtue

Billy Connolly: It’s Been a Pleasure

9.30pm, ITV

It is sad to think that such an irrepressible source of good humour as Connolly is winding down. But the Big Yin’s retirement (two years ago) saw the comic finally pass on the torch. Paul McCartney, Elton John and Whoopi Goldberg pay their respects in this funny, touching tribute. Phil Harrison

Film choice

Sadness (left) and Joy in Inside Out
All the feels ... Sadness (Phyllis Smith, left) and Joy (Amy Poehler) in Inside Out. Photograph: Pixar/Disney

Inside Out (Pete Docter and Ronnie Del Carmen, 2015), 1.20pm, BBC One
One of the brightest jewels in the Pixar crown, this dazzlingly inventive comedy takes place inside the head of 11-year-old Riley (Kaitlin Dias), where five bickering embodiments of feelings control her actions: Fear, Anger, Disgust, Sadness and – thankfully – the ebullient Joy (Amy Poehler). Paul Howlett

Live sport

Premier League football: Crystal Palace v Leicester City 3pm, Amazon Prime Video. Followed by Chelsea v Aston Villa and Everton v Man City.

Darts: The World Championships 6pm, Sky Sports Main Event. The tournament continues at Alexandra Palace.

Test cricket: Australia v India 11.15pm, BT Sport 2. Day four of the second Test.

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