Twiglets fans are just discovering new recipe and claim snack 'doesn't taste the same'

Close up of Twiglets
Twiglets are a well-loved savoury treats -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

Twiglets are a well-loved British snack that often enjoyed while watching TV, at parties, or just right out of the cupboard.

Known for their knobbly, twig-like shape and brown-pale colour, many have started to wonder how Twiglets are made - and they contain a simple ingredient. In fact, the food sparked an online debate last year after fans suggested that the flavour of Twiglets has changed.

Taking to Reddit, one person started things off by asking: "Have Twiglets changed their formula?" This query then received a variety of responses, reports the Mirror.

Twiglets boast a unique flavour thanks to the addition of yeast extract, which is also used to create Marmite, which adds a pungent taste. They were created way back in 1929 at the hands of French biscuit maker, J. Rondalin, who worked as a technical manager at Peek Freans' Bermondsey factory, when they decided to add brewer's yeast to some leftover Vitawheat dough.

The snack has undergone a recipe change in recent years -Credit:Internet Grab

But rather than adding a new ingredient, makers have actually reduced the amount of one key component. One person responded: "I said that they were different too. Sort of a tang and different strange aftertaste. I'm going to have some more to check."

Another commented: "You know, others have asked this. So they might have done something."

In 2022, The Grocer reported that the snacks had undergone a recipe change, now featuring 60 per cent less salt, most likely in an effort to make them healthier. It was also mentioned that Twiglets would be oven-baked instead of fried.

Plenty of other suggestions were made on the forum site. A third response said: "They must have changed the recipe, I am allergic to celery, and Twiglets always used to contain celery, they don't anymore."

A fourth chimed in with: "I couldn't even find the big tubs in the supermarkets this year! I had to buy a few of the packets. But yeah I've definitely noticed a difference in the taste."

Once the tasty Twiglet innovation was realised, it would be three years before they debuted on consumer markets, courtesy of Peek Freans, and now find themselves produced in Aintree by United Biscuits subsidiary, Jacob's. Popular particularly during the festive period, Twiglets offer a crunchy year-round treat, and have seen varied flavours like curry and Worcester Sauce grace our shelves.

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